End Of The Road

by Alabaster Kin

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Change & BillyBo are Alabaster Kin.

"End Of The Road" is a seven song EP made from an eclectic mix of Classic Rock, Acoustic Folk, and Country soundscapes set beneath an array of intricate wordplay and deft delivery that you've come to expect from these two wordsmiths.

Production by Johnny Bishop, Anno Domini, Adamack, & Steven L Dukes.


released November 9, 2010

BillyBo Music (ASCAP)
Skripted Sandz Entertainment (ASCAP)

Recorded at:
The Den Studios, Michigan
The Box Studio, Pennsylvania



all rights reserved


Alabaster Kin Miami, Florida

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Track Name: The Soul
Once again it’s Change & BillyBo
Trying to tell another story like it’s never been told
A couple Alabaster Kin caught up in the fold
Trying to change some lives and rock a couple shows
So let me see your finger tips waving at the sky
Drop them on the drums like you’re still trying to fly
It’s time to get it started, time to make our time worth it
Alabaster Kin, you know we rocking with a purpose

Welcome to the sitting room pull up a wooden rocker
Alabaster Kin will cure your ailment like some doctors
Ma’s in the kitchen and she cooking up some supper
So we can break it down with some stories of the suffer-
-ing the type of people that we all can feel for cuz
Face it no replacements man we all been there for like
What feels like forever or maybe just a minute
But yes it’s where we been and where were heading while we’re in it

Here we go
On another journey to the End Of The Road
And Kin will be
Right where we need to be to let you all know
As we grow
Hopin that you lending us an ear so
Maybe you can feel it when we spitting from the soul
Maybe you relate when we bring it from the soul

Now pull your fingers from your ears, listen here
Never found in shallow ground, we’re even more sincere
And we speak a little louder so that you can hear the words
Like a speaker in the clouds reaching creatures in the dirt
Flirt with fellowship just to rip apart the distances
And pick the proper predicates to paint the perfect images
So you could maybe see how many times our hearts were opened
Showed them on our sleeves proving yo, we’ve all been broken

So take it as a token that’s been soaked and wrapped in hope and
See that maybe you and me are kin who’ve all been chosen to
Do the work we’re given or just play the hand we’re dealt
Ante up and place ya bets and shuffle on the felt cuz
There isn’t any time to wager stakes ain’t getting thin
And I bet you thinking time is on your side and you could win
No more holding out to catch a pair at rivers end
Listen here, saddle up and you can vibe on Alabaster Kin
Track Name: Road To Nowhere
How do I get home?
I find myself alone
On a road that takes me nowhere
How do I get home?
I find myself alone
I’m on the road to nowhere

Verse 1
well I've been making sure my sword is sharpened
watching what i say, even proved that i could learn the jargon
parking all the double speak and tweaking all the adjectives
believing Jesus was impressed with what's been happening
but i guess that I've been masking it, an active pacifist
Asking what's the haps when i could give a crap what is
and that's exactly what's been cracking, kid
I'm sorry if my follies grip your jollies just a little bit
and i act as if disinterested, or maybe I'm just lost
like trying to find the wish after the pennies have been tossed
or finding fog after scraping through the frost
the clouds surround my thoughts, i swore that I've done nothing wrong
born to soar but floored until my heart is pure
God i hope you're listening, reveal to me the cure
or am i still fishing for a selfish bit of plunder
mistakes happen so fast, it just makes me wonder...

Verse 2
Man I’m exhausted, my mind... think I lost it
Backpack of CD’s got me thinking I could pause it
Life on repeat, discrete sample, delete…
Mistakes I can’t defeat so I dip, dive, retreat… (peace)
… I don’t get it, why bother?
How many times I gotta spit my pain for you to offer?
How many rhymes I gotta flip the script for ya’ll to see that
I’m just another flawed human being who could be that
Cat who can relate to the pain you living through
I spit about fam because I’m living in it too
And I can’t even count how many times I’ve given in
Count me out, toss the towel, see another win for sin…
Dancing on a tight rope no safety net I’m seeing
But I won’t hit the pavement cuz this noose will keep me swinging
Jesus I’m believing that this evening it’s true…
If anyone can talk me off this ledge it must be you…

Where did I go wrong, and how did I get gone?
What I’ve done I can’t turn back…
I don’t know what’s wrong… Life is one sad song
God I know I’m done…
Track Name: Winter Snow
They say that things just cannot grow
beneath the winter snow,
Or so I have been told.

They say we’re buried far,
Just like a distant star,
I simply cannot hold.

Verse 1
From the time that she was three she had heard the phrase repeatedly
Maybe you should stop and think outside the box of “seem to be”
Travel past the scenery, and delve into a simple theme
Love lives, love lost, love dies, you feeling me?
She broke the mold and finally took what she was told
And pushed it back into the faces of the old and wise who left her cold
Out in the dark left alone to mend her heart
Set a spark; ignite a flame, like the bark from a birch would start
And now she sits upon a broken old and trusty fence
Remembering the days when she couldn’t pass outside its grips
Granddad would get upset, grab a belt and huff and sweat
Wishing that his daughter hadn’t passed away and left him with
This little mouth to feed, raise her right and truthfully
Things had changed so much since he raised his own in 63
But she was grown and it’s time for her to go
Start a life that’s all her own and so she sets out in the winter snow

Verse 2
I don’t know who to blame, the outcome’s still the same
A family with a missing link, I never wanted it this way
I took the best of everything I would have needed
Tried to pass it in a way that I’d have wanted to be treated
This circle’s not complete until the third left turn
A teen with a mean grin and nothing left to learn
just a bit of respect is all that I expect
But since your mom’s death the situation’s been a mess
Pressed to be you enemy, but love’s underneath
I swear those smacks were just to keep you honest, honestly
Young and innocent served a difficult predicament
pushed the limits up against my iron fist
God, get a grip on this kid and never let it slip
You know that I’m alone in this psychedelic trip
I want to let her live, let her wings be driven by the current
… I’m just not sure I’ve got the courage

Verse 3
Another day another dream that slips away from she
Grand daddy mad and he’s forcing her to leave it seems
Packing her belongings she sets out on the open road
Bundled up from head to toe alone but what she didn’t know…

Her father figure’s still in the picture keeping tabs
Smashing on the gas trying to catch up to the cab
Trashing hopes of closing wounds like picking at the scabs
Even though it hurts them both the same he wants her back so bad

I’ve heard it all before that’s what she screams aloud abusively
Why’d you even follow me, can’t you see it’s time for me
To let you go, stretch and grow, find my way and pay the tolls
Can do it on my own, keep your faith and prayer wish at home…

But you’re supposed to know the Father’s love for everyone
And he proposed he’d done his best, but suggests the pain has won
Now the winter snow left them both out in the cold
Toe to toe, they turn and go, it’s time change and time to grow
Track Name: Need To Know
Verse 1
finger tips are tapping tables while i sit with bad posture
foster better options minus all the cost to solve 'em
expression pays a price and it's forgotten all to often
impressing on these kids, my legacy won't be left in a coffin
it'll live on through this song and all the others that I've penned
at the point about to break because my will will never bend
and you don't have to like me or have me signed your dotted lines
in the industry or underground, independent's doing me fine
so cry wolf or be quiet, I've facilitated my surroundings
allowed some things to happen and i created all the boundaries
crossed the eyes and broke the tees, started fights and spoke my piece
closely hoped for homes to be only those that are supposed to be
Strong, even after all this junk i believe in living long
singing songs of hopefulness while pushing past the wrong
go on with that trash talk, clang your symbols and gongs
logging all the after hours, it's simple, I'm singing the hook with God

Verse 2
Never once when I first glimpsed upon this mission filling my wishing
Ever expect to find desire to further acquire the wealth and riches
Of an accomplished set musician without remorse in acquisition
Gaining the world without relinquishing my soul’s a juxtaposition
From the effort I emit when my thoughts transmit through pens
To grace the loose-leaf college ruled to mics in booths and then
When it’s tracked and bounced and mastered properly packaged for these kids
You can approach me ever so slowly with your swagger and begin
To try to seduce the Alabaster Kin with coin and push an opposing grin
This independent racquet keeping my lights on when employment ends
And I can’t thank my fans enough, checking for change and passing up
These other heads and scrapping up enough to purchase never was
And keeping me going and moving along to bless you with the stimulus
It’s people like you that keep me doing just what I do and that’s a plus
And I won’t front I never once thought the trials would miss me but
I figured it’s something you’d need to know, you cats is making me change and grow
Track Name: Dreamer
He spent his nights in California
Watching the stars on the big screen
Then he lies awake and he wonders
Why can’t that be me…

Verse 1
Another crowded Friday night, kicking it at moonlight
Hoping that he get another chance to rock a open mic
His favorite emcee burst upon the scene and he
Thinking what I gotta do to get this cat to notice me
I wonder if I rip it quick and flip it so the script hits
On syllables that bend and fold and wrap and mold the kick with
Shear tenacity I’m a rip the mic and then he’ll see
Now’s my opportunity, I bet this cat be feelin me…
And emcee fame, he’s too busy spitting game
To this dame at the bar trying to get her back into his car
And he’ll go far but won’t remember her tomorrow
Let alone the dude who spit the flows and ripped it up at local joe’s
So what’s a cat to do, took his shot and killed it too…
Had the crowd swaying, and even had em shouting ooh
Wee man, really I don’t get it
Crabs in a bucket, it’s no wonder I… forget it man…

Verse 2
Kick the stones and find a way back home
Follow silhouettes of rhythm and get up in a zone
Prone to slow and type a verse into a phone
Never know when chance allows again back at local Joe’s
Breast plate caved in he hustles for the game
Plain Jane jet stream with something left to gain
He wants a little more but it’s all in his hands
The Grand Plan substitutes another couple fans
Ball rolling along, he's got couple'a' songs
Speaks love as if the beats push him along
Hip-hop for sure, he's hip-hop to the core
Empties all accounts til nothing’s left to pour
Sore from working on the 4/4 meter
But he's born to succeed and he's a believer
Leader of the pack but he teeters on a tack
Close to brokenness so he retreats into the back

Verse 3
Stranded all alone with like 20 rooms to roam
He got it what he wanted now he’s sitting stuck at home
With his money and his fame and all the women shout his name
When he finally grace the stage people screaming at him love and hate
But nothing’s changed he’s the same human being…
Seeing is believing but he’s leaving cuz it’s fleeting
Ripped the mic and gained the globe, got the girl but lost his soul
Ended up the same place he started, in his hearts a hole…

time to find the faith again that brought him to this place
and trim the limbs that are keeping him from seeking Jesus face
maybe tragedy would rather be a piece of humble pie
just to break him and remake him and open up his eyes
he's gotta live for what he's worth, not defined by us
shake the walls of confidence and build a little trust
but crushed emotions coax him singing blues to get attention
betting on a second chance, but never learned his lesson
Track Name: End Of The Road
Verse 1
One more night entrenched in this life
Despite what cats might they think it's alright
When I'm stuck with a mic and I'm trying to make ends meet
In places where my ends meet people still depending
On every single line I rhyme it's on time
In time I feel fine, rewind just one time and then
See if you can feel me, I wonder if I'm still me
Everything's changed since I sacrificed fame
And I left it in my rear view, people don't revere you
For doing what they never could but they can criticize too
And really I don't think that I could ever give a ___ less
You can fill it in, any adjective, I've done blessed
Many different mics in my life that you never heard
Every word heartfelt Lord knows I never learn
Maybe it's just me but I believe in being honest
And maybe I'm just too transparent when spitting on it, so...

Verse 2
and now it's back, yeah, riding on a soft wind
confined to a frequency with "thanks for tuning in"
got that heat over beats and paparazzi follows me
i'm lovin the attention, you can get it on the cheap
use it for your background and your ringtone
hittin all the notes when the hook takes you home
grown folks actin like they didn't see this coming
when i got that kid's money i hit the ground running
yo "that guy" was never even CLOSE to my alias
it's pale, when held up to the mirror in comparison
embarassin, that's how i feel about the radio
dash for the cash - you can find me with my backpack
settled down forging out my own path
as words paint graphics outside radio traffic
age brings change and it often feels strange
to know your calling but feel yourself falling away

Verse 3
And it don't really matter if the game done changed
For the Alabaster Kinfolk it all stay the same
And I pray that you join us on journey to the soul
When I let go damage on this mic control
So here we go to the places that you scared to venture in
Let's begin once again instead of doing it to them
Just an introspective look to retain self analysis
Emcees couldn't handle this, so why you think we would just...

close eyes, close minds, roll dice and hope blind
throw signs to DJ's time and push mine
grind those needles on 33's and 4-5's
you're so high - outta your mind - if you thought that i
ever doubted my position but i guess you did
that 20/20's messin with your vision and your head
swimmin through the channels til the hook gets your lip
we got the real if you want it, we the Alabaster Kin