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He spent his nights in California
Watching the stars on the big screen
Then he lies awake and he wonders
Why can’t that be me…

Verse 1
Another crowded Friday night, kicking it at moonlight
Hoping that he get another chance to rock a open mic
His favorite emcee burst upon the scene and he
Thinking what I gotta do to get this cat to notice me
I wonder if I rip it quick and flip it so the script hits
On syllables that bend and fold and wrap and mold the kick with
Shear tenacity I’m a rip the mic and then he’ll see
Now’s my opportunity, I bet this cat be feelin me…
And emcee fame, he’s too busy spitting game
To this dame at the bar trying to get her back into his car
And he’ll go far but won’t remember her tomorrow
Let alone the dude who spit the flows and ripped it up at local joe’s
So what’s a cat to do, took his shot and killed it too…
Had the crowd swaying, and even had em shouting ooh
Wee man, really I don’t get it
Crabs in a bucket, it’s no wonder I… forget it man…

Verse 2
Kick the stones and find a way back home
Follow silhouettes of rhythm and get up in a zone
Prone to slow and type a verse into a phone
Never know when chance allows again back at local Joe’s
Breast plate caved in he hustles for the game
Plain Jane jet stream with something left to gain
He wants a little more but it’s all in his hands
The Grand Plan substitutes another couple fans
Ball rolling along, he's got couple'a' songs
Speaks love as if the beats push him along
Hip-hop for sure, he's hip-hop to the core
Empties all accounts til nothing’s left to pour
Sore from working on the 4/4 meter
But he's born to succeed and he's a believer
Leader of the pack but he teeters on a tack
Close to brokenness so he retreats into the back

Verse 3
Stranded all alone with like 20 rooms to roam
He got it what he wanted now he’s sitting stuck at home
With his money and his fame and all the women shout his name
When he finally grace the stage people screaming at him love and hate
But nothing’s changed he’s the same human being…
Seeing is believing but he’s leaving cuz it’s fleeting
Ripped the mic and gained the globe, got the girl but lost his soul
Ended up the same place he started, in his hearts a hole…

time to find the faith again that brought him to this place
and trim the limbs that are keeping him from seeking Jesus face
maybe tragedy would rather be a piece of humble pie
just to break him and remake him and open up his eyes
he's gotta live for what he's worth, not defined by us
shake the walls of confidence and build a little trust
but crushed emotions coax him singing blues to get attention
betting on a second chance, but never learned his lesson


from End Of The Road, released November 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Alabaster Kin Miami, Florida

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