End Of The Road

from by Alabaster Kin

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Verse 1
One more night entrenched in this life
Despite what cats might they think it's alright
When I'm stuck with a mic and I'm trying to make ends meet
In places where my ends meet people still depending
On every single line I rhyme it's on time
In time I feel fine, rewind just one time and then
See if you can feel me, I wonder if I'm still me
Everything's changed since I sacrificed fame
And I left it in my rear view, people don't revere you
For doing what they never could but they can criticize too
And really I don't think that I could ever give a ___ less
You can fill it in, any adjective, I've done blessed
Many different mics in my life that you never heard
Every word heartfelt Lord knows I never learn
Maybe it's just me but I believe in being honest
And maybe I'm just too transparent when spitting on it, so...

Verse 2
and now it's back, yeah, riding on a soft wind
confined to a frequency with "thanks for tuning in"
got that heat over beats and paparazzi follows me
i'm lovin the attention, you can get it on the cheap
use it for your background and your ringtone
hittin all the notes when the hook takes you home
grown folks actin like they didn't see this coming
when i got that kid's money i hit the ground running
yo "that guy" was never even CLOSE to my alias
it's pale, when held up to the mirror in comparison
embarassin, that's how i feel about the radio
dash for the cash - you can find me with my backpack
settled down forging out my own path
as words paint graphics outside radio traffic
age brings change and it often feels strange
to know your calling but feel yourself falling away

Verse 3
And it don't really matter if the game done changed
For the Alabaster Kinfolk it all stay the same
And I pray that you join us on journey to the soul
When I let go damage on this mic control
So here we go to the places that you scared to venture in
Let's begin once again instead of doing it to them
Just an introspective look to retain self analysis
Emcees couldn't handle this, so why you think we would just...

close eyes, close minds, roll dice and hope blind
throw signs to DJ's time and push mine
grind those needles on 33's and 4-5's
you're so high - outta your mind - if you thought that i
ever doubted my position but i guess you did
that 20/20's messin with your vision and your head
swimmin through the channels til the hook gets your lip
we got the real if you want it, we the Alabaster Kin


from End Of The Road, released November 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Alabaster Kin Miami, Florida

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