Road To Nowhere

from by Alabaster Kin

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How do I get home?
I find myself alone
On a road that takes me nowhere
How do I get home?
I find myself alone
I’m on the road to nowhere

Verse 1
well I've been making sure my sword is sharpened
watching what i say, even proved that i could learn the jargon
parking all the double speak and tweaking all the adjectives
believing Jesus was impressed with what's been happening
but i guess that I've been masking it, an active pacifist
Asking what's the haps when i could give a crap what is
and that's exactly what's been cracking, kid
I'm sorry if my follies grip your jollies just a little bit
and i act as if disinterested, or maybe I'm just lost
like trying to find the wish after the pennies have been tossed
or finding fog after scraping through the frost
the clouds surround my thoughts, i swore that I've done nothing wrong
born to soar but floored until my heart is pure
God i hope you're listening, reveal to me the cure
or am i still fishing for a selfish bit of plunder
mistakes happen so fast, it just makes me wonder...

Verse 2
Man I’m exhausted, my mind... think I lost it
Backpack of CD’s got me thinking I could pause it
Life on repeat, discrete sample, delete…
Mistakes I can’t defeat so I dip, dive, retreat… (peace)
… I don’t get it, why bother?
How many times I gotta spit my pain for you to offer?
How many rhymes I gotta flip the script for ya’ll to see that
I’m just another flawed human being who could be that
Cat who can relate to the pain you living through
I spit about fam because I’m living in it too
And I can’t even count how many times I’ve given in
Count me out, toss the towel, see another win for sin…
Dancing on a tight rope no safety net I’m seeing
But I won’t hit the pavement cuz this noose will keep me swinging
Jesus I’m believing that this evening it’s true…
If anyone can talk me off this ledge it must be you…

Where did I go wrong, and how did I get gone?
What I’ve done I can’t turn back…
I don’t know what’s wrong… Life is one sad song
God I know I’m done…


from End Of The Road, released November 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Alabaster Kin Miami, Florida

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