Winter Snow

from by Alabaster Kin

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They say that things just cannot grow
beneath the winter snow,
Or so I have been told.

They say we’re buried far,
Just like a distant star,
I simply cannot hold.

Verse 1
From the time that she was three she had heard the phrase repeatedly
Maybe you should stop and think outside the box of “seem to be”
Travel past the scenery, and delve into a simple theme
Love lives, love lost, love dies, you feeling me?
She broke the mold and finally took what she was told
And pushed it back into the faces of the old and wise who left her cold
Out in the dark left alone to mend her heart
Set a spark; ignite a flame, like the bark from a birch would start
And now she sits upon a broken old and trusty fence
Remembering the days when she couldn’t pass outside its grips
Granddad would get upset, grab a belt and huff and sweat
Wishing that his daughter hadn’t passed away and left him with
This little mouth to feed, raise her right and truthfully
Things had changed so much since he raised his own in 63
But she was grown and it’s time for her to go
Start a life that’s all her own and so she sets out in the winter snow

Verse 2
I don’t know who to blame, the outcome’s still the same
A family with a missing link, I never wanted it this way
I took the best of everything I would have needed
Tried to pass it in a way that I’d have wanted to be treated
This circle’s not complete until the third left turn
A teen with a mean grin and nothing left to learn
just a bit of respect is all that I expect
But since your mom’s death the situation’s been a mess
Pressed to be you enemy, but love’s underneath
I swear those smacks were just to keep you honest, honestly
Young and innocent served a difficult predicament
pushed the limits up against my iron fist
God, get a grip on this kid and never let it slip
You know that I’m alone in this psychedelic trip
I want to let her live, let her wings be driven by the current
… I’m just not sure I’ve got the courage

Verse 3
Another day another dream that slips away from she
Grand daddy mad and he’s forcing her to leave it seems
Packing her belongings she sets out on the open road
Bundled up from head to toe alone but what she didn’t know…

Her father figure’s still in the picture keeping tabs
Smashing on the gas trying to catch up to the cab
Trashing hopes of closing wounds like picking at the scabs
Even though it hurts them both the same he wants her back so bad

I’ve heard it all before that’s what she screams aloud abusively
Why’d you even follow me, can’t you see it’s time for me
To let you go, stretch and grow, find my way and pay the tolls
Can do it on my own, keep your faith and prayer wish at home…

But you’re supposed to know the Father’s love for everyone
And he proposed he’d done his best, but suggests the pain has won
Now the winter snow left them both out in the cold
Toe to toe, they turn and go, it’s time change and time to grow


from End Of The Road, released November 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Alabaster Kin Miami, Florida

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